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Alicia M Gal

Technology Innovation & Research 

Alicia has shifted to aerospace research setting new industry standards for digital anthropometry while investigating flying related tasks (various vibrations) within shipborne helicopters for pilot/co job-related injuries & cockpit redesign.


She has expanded her innovated & investigative skills to develop & analyze human physical-cognitive task performances during various flight vibrations & passenger vibration comfort analysis. Alicia provides her expertise aiding with various terminal, airbus cabin & electric helicopter related motion challenges (physical & technological) helping to improve civilian air travel.

G² Motion Intelligence Inc. is a research technology based Canadian federally incorporated company with state of the art experience in design, development & fabrication; laboratory & methodology development; and analysis & knowledge transfer of motion intelligence technologies.

Specializing in human factors & external stimuli effects on completing task performances. 


AAA Service - Athletes, Aerospace, Accessibility

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🏒🛩️🚁 Human Motion Specialist - multiple terrains, elite athletes/para, accessibility, vertical takeoff shipborne/airborne pilots/co & passengers, geriatrics, LTAD

✏️ 💻 Laboratory & Research Methods Design, Multi Reality Task Performance Design & Development, Electronic Vehicle Vertical Takeoff Interior Design

🛠️ 850 nm Infrared LEDs Tracking Markers, Inner Ear IMU Earpieces

🔍 EMG, EEG, ECG, Vibration/Force platforms, IMUs, GPS, Pressure Mats, Image Processing, LEDs / IR

📸 Motion Capture, Zed 2i Automated Robotics/Stereo Depth Cameras, Video Annotations, 3D Body Scanners, VR/AR solo/hybrid environments, 3D Printing, Joystick Tracking Software, V-Realm Building

💻 MATLAB, Simulink, Python, R, C++, Java, C, HTML, CAD

🇨🇦♿️ NSERC READi Trained


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